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List of Variables: Blockchain Data

Variable Description
Block_Reward Amount of currency units issued with the block
Date Format is YYYYMMDDhhmmss where Y, M, D correspond to year, month, and day, respectively, and h, m, s correspond to hour, minute, and second, respectively.
Difficulty Level of difficulty
Fees Fees collected with transactions in blocks
Gas_Limit Gas limit for the block (set by the miner)
Gas_Used Gas used by transactions in a given block
Hash Block Hash (or identity of a block)
Height Number of the block on the blockchain
Int_Trade_Volume Value (measured in Ether) of all internal calls of a given block
Merkle_Root Hash of the Merkle root
N_Calls Number of calls included in the block
N_Syn_Calls Calls not recorded in the transactions, yet changing the nature of the blockchain
N_Syn_Trades Trades not recorded in the transactions, yet changing the nature of the blockchain
N_Trades Number of trades recorded
N_Uncles Number of uncles a block has
Nonce Random number that insures the block satisfies the diffulty criteria
Pool Mining pool (if mined by individual is set to 'unknown')
Receivers Number of adresses which receive currency
Senders Number of adresses which send currency
Size Block size in bytes
Stripped_Size Block size in bytes without witness data sent to segwit-compliant nodes
Total_Difficulty Level of total difficulty
Trade_Volume Trade volume measured in terms of curreny units of the blockchain
Uncle_Hash The hash of the uncle block
Uncle_Reward Reward issued for the uncle block
Version Version of the blockchain
Weight Block size in weight units