Data Library for Crypto-assets


The aim of this data library is to provide data of major crypto-assets to individuals and researchers. Even though there are numerous webites that provide detailed information on crypto-assets, it is challenging to download the data without solid programming skills. This data library offers data for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Doge and Bitcoin Cash in easily downloadable .txt and .csv files. The data provided covers blockchain data as well as exchange data, both underlying data from Binance, and Option data from Deribit.

* Option data is only available for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Data Availability

The data available on this website gives the opportuity to conduct detailed analysis by providing a wealth of block-level data. Note that the blockchain data available for download on this website is not the actual blockchain. Instead, it is a single document (in .txt or .csv format) that contains information about each block on a given blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). The blockchain data as well as the financial data from binance and deribit is provided "as-is" without any prior cleaning.

All data is made available up to January 2022. More recent data, larger cross-sections and higher frequency underlying data is reserved for co-authors.

  • Simplicity
    • - All in one file
    • - One-click download
    • - Standardized format
  • Completness
    • - Blockchain data
    • - Price data
    • - Derivatives data
  • Independence
    • - Analyse data
    • - Customized metrics
    • - Easy acces

Data Downloads

The data library contains data for six different crypto-assets:

In case there any issues or inconsitencies with the data, please reach out by email.